Tendencia en la web: Cuarta definición de infarto agudo del miocardio/2018.


La “Cuarta definición de infarto agudo del miocardio” acaba de ser publicada en el último número de la Journal de la American College of Cardiology (JACC)

Sin dudas, algo que todos agradecemos.

Puede descargar el artículo aquí.

ESC. ESH 2018 Guidelines for the Management of Arterial Hypertension

It is really great to post the European Society of Cardiology/European Society of Hypertension Guidelines about Arterial Hypertension. Just presented at the 28 th European Meeting of HTN and cardiovascular protection held last June in Barcelona.

Such a great honor having been there when the guideline was publicly released for first time.


Guillermo (author of this blog)

Click below: It will start from minute 1.00 forward. Avancen el video hasta el minuto 1 y desde allí comienza.

Trending in the web. PURE Study Shakes Up Nutritional Field: Finds High Fat Intake Beneficial. Do you believe it?


The new study of dietary habits in 135,000 people around the world found that high fat intake, including saturated fat, was associated with a reduced risk of mortality

Source: PURE Shakes Up Nutritional Field: Finds High Fat Intake Beneficial

Just published. Dates, the World’s #1 food for Hypertension, Heart Attack and Stroke. Watch the video and think….

As we are settled in the Middle East now. I feel it is important to know about how good are dates for cardiovascular disease.