Cardiovascular risk prediction since early stages of life.


Nowadays, risk prediction is being focused as a key element in identifying risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) since there are conditions such as arterial hypertension (HTN) for which the former statement can be fully justified,
taking into consideration its increasing prevalence in the early stages of life.
It is thus justifiable to give a wake-up call to the medical community to go to the root of the problem (childhood and adolescence) where the genesis of hypertension occurs. A management strategy should then be adopted to prevent the increased chances of developing hypertension in adulthood. This can also apply to other conditions such as familial hyperlipidemia, diabetes and obesity, involving the broad class of CVD.
The benefit will be far less when addressing these risk factors once damage is already established.
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Note. This editorial has been written by Dr. Guillermo Alberto Perez Fernandez, author of this blog, and reflects his personal opinion about the topic.

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